10 CBD Products You Need to Try

November 08, 2018

10 CBD Products You Need to Try

CBD can come in countless forms. If you can imagine a product, you can probably find its CBD alternative. There's so many to choose from you might be a little overwhelmed by your options and where to start.  Thankfully, we've got 10 of the best ways you can experience CBD and their use cases. You can pick which product works best for you, but honestly, we recommend them all!




Crystals, or isolates, are the purest form of CBD at around 98 to 99 percent. At this point, they can be made into a variety of other applications, such as by mixing with oils and e-liquids, vaporized, or made into edibles. Crystals are great for experienced users who want total control over how much and what form they want from their CBD.



Tinctures allow you to ingest CBD oil under the tongue, while more effectively controlling the dosage. Tinctures can come in a variety of flavors and excel with those experimenting with exactly how much CBD is right for them.




If you find regular tinctures just aren't strong enough for you, concentrates allow the highest doses of CBD - up to ten times more than other products! Concentrates are perfect for busy customers who only have time for one CBD intake a day.



Softgels are a very non-intrusive way to implement CBD into your daily life. It's simple to add a pill to your daily supplements, and ideal for customers who know the exact amount of CBD they'd like with every dose and don't want to measure it out every time. 




Edibles come in a vast variety of selections. The most popular edibles are gummy bears, but you can get CBD bars, cookies, brownies, cereal – anything you'd want to snack on, you can get with CBD! Edibles are an enjoyable introduction to new or casual CBD users.




The easiest and most discreet way to add CBD to your lifestyle. CBD gum is convenient for anyone unable or uncomfortable with taking tinctures or edibles and want fast-acting daily effects. Gum allows the CBD to be absorbed through the inside of your mouth, and thus its results are apparent even faster than when ingesting.




Vaping CBD is definitely the most fashionable way to take it. Though the effects are typically less than when compared to ingested products, CBD vapor bypasses your digestive system altogether and works much faster. Vaping allows the user to take CBD casually and in style.



Balms are an excellent use of CBD due to its curative skin properties. CBD creams can help with pain and inflammation, anti-aging, and even acne. Though topicals generally benefit more with skin and other exterior issues, you can also find solutions that carry the CBD through the surface of the skin for general use.




Like creams, CBD soap is ideal for skincare. CBD soap naturally fits into your hygienic body care routine, allowing you to feel its therapeutic effects without changing your lifestyle. Because CBD soap doesn't dehydrate your skin or strip its natural oils, it's an effective moisturizer in addition to its pain and curative relief. You can experience all this while luxuriating in a bath for maximum relaxation.




For even longer lasting relief, there are CBD patches. The average patch can be worn for up to four days, slowly allowing the CBD to soak through the skin over the hours for continuous effects. Patches are optimal for those unable or forgetful of taking regular doses through other means, such as children or the elderly.


The magic of CBD is in its versatility. Regardless of your use case or expertise, you can always find the perfect CBD product that fits your needs.You can find many of these products and even more on our urCBD product page!



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